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Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan

Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 2013 ©

Click on OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN to view or download copies of the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

The Localism Act 2012 introduced the right for parishes to decide the future of their community by producing a Neighbourhood Plan, which will cover key aspects of the development of the village and the wider parish.   It will enable those who know and care about Chaddesley Corbett to plan for its future development.  It is not about stopping growth, but it is about making sure the right things are built in the right places.   It can help with the delivery of homes, jobs and services whilst at the same time protect and improve the best of the parish and its environment.

Chaddesley Corbett produced a Parish Plan in 2003 and a Parish Design Statement in 2008.  The Neighbourhood Plan will build on this work, but this time the Plan will carry statutory weight.  Subject to approval by the electorate, it will be used when deciding future planning decisions that affect the parish.  It considerably strengths the community’s ability to guide development in a way that reflects our priorities and needs.   

We are pleased to announce that the Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan is now complete. To view the full Neighbourhood Plan please click on ‘Our Neighbourhood Plan’ page.   


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